Hey there!😊 welcome to my projects portfolio!🥳

I would love to invite you to have a look at a couple of projects I have managed in the fields of e-commerce, non-profit social organizations, and blogs I have designed and edited. 

These are projects that I have developed from the Characterization stage both designing and SEO & content strategy.

baby life

Project Manager (Developed & manage the Website) & SEO

Tools: WordPress, Elemantor pro

Graphic Design & UX: Oren Hamburg

Main SEO Tools for Site Audits: SEMrush, Yoast

This is a project I work on at GTN for a non-profit organization that helps hungry babies that come from economically struggling homes.

this is a site I developed from its characterization stage to launch. today I manage the website I am in charge of content editing, analytics monitoring, SEO site audits, security, technical problems, optimizing strategy. 

תינוקות של החיים

Ascopa Jewelry

Project Manager (Developed & manage the Website) & SEO

Tools: Wix

Graphic Design & UX: Oren Hamburg

Main SEO Tools for Site Audits: Wix manager, MOZ pro

Small boutique jewelry studio from Raanana that produces fascinating & unique jewelry from ancient roman glass. a brand that combines history, fashion & design.

I was the digital manager of all the marketing initiatives including building the site & produce an actionable SEO & PPC (working with freelancers) strategy.

ascopa jewelry

לחיות בכבוד

Website Manager & SEO 

Tools: WordPress, Elemntor pro

Graphic Design: Neta

Main SEO Tools for Site Audits: Yoast, SEMrush

An amazing non-profit organization that helps raise donations for food & basic necessities for holocaust survivors and elderly people who struggle financially. 

As part of my work at GTN, I was appointed as this project "SEO Account Manager" & Website Manager. I have designed the site blog and took part in building a content strategy that aligns with the social media initiatives, monitoring analytics throw googles tools, editing, and optimizing with site audits.

לחיות בכבוד

I.D.U - Israel Dog Unit 

Project Manager (Developt the Website) & SEO

Tools: WordPress & Elemntor pro

Graphic Design: Next Studio

Main SEO Tools for Site Audits: Yoast, SEMrush

This is a project very close to my heart. I had the best time working on it and with the unit and had a truly amazing & inspiring experience. 

build with WordPress & EIementor I was this project director and supervised the entire process of development as well as the sole contributor of the UI, SEO & content of the site. 

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